Research Services for Biotech Companies

If you’re in the pre-clinical stage for a biotherapeutic and are looking to begin manufacturing with a CMO, let us help you get ready. Manufacturing at large volumes can be very expensive, but we are specifically optimized to work with smaller scale clients. This means that we can work through many issues you’ll face as you scale up out of the “shake-flask” stage without having to pay for large-scale manufacturing runs.

Are you an intellectual property manager or a tech investor? By providing early stage commercialization assessments, BMB can help you determine the patentability and marketability of your technologies, which can both save you money and increase your success rate. Allow us to work with your business team in the vetting process of life sciences based technology. Our background in science-based lean startup give us an advantage at evaluating the validity of presented data, determining the technology’s timeline to product launch, and begin to assist in forming a go-to-market strategy.

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