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At Boston Mountain Biotech, we don’t design new drugs, we help manufacture drugs more efficiently. The Lotus platform addresses the need of the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the cost of manufacturing protein pharmaceuticals. To accomplish this, BMB targets the greatest area of process loss, inefficient downstream separations, which is 70% of all manufacturing costs.

Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) are the workhorse of the pharmaceutical industry, and are driven by cost to maintain their profit margin. They do not have the advantage of brand revenue as they produce drugs on behalf of the drug owner; therefore, their profits stem predominantly from their contracted manufacturing rate, less manufacturing costs. While driving down costs is primary to CMOs, they cannot afford to re-validate their manufacturing processes, or risk facility downtime to install new untested and un-validated equipment.

To address this need and limitation, the Lotus platform genetically modifies host cells to improve the efficiency of downstream purification processes by at least 35%. The Lotus platform boosts the efficiency of existing validated equipment and processes, which saves time and reduces raw materials use.

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Investor Opportunities

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  • Gain partners that are knowledgeable in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology markets
  • Expand market coverage into CHO, Saccharomyces and Pichia
  • Complete collaborative research agreements with strategic partners in the US and Europe
  • Sale or license of patent segments to pharmaceutical contract manufacturers