How Can Lotus Help You?

Therapeutic manufacturers can bring new products to market faster and more cost-effectively.

The Lotus technology can:

  • Compress their development timeline;
  • Implement the technology with their existing fermentation and purification equipment;
  • Increase the efficiency of their existing chromatography equipment; and
  • Have minimal impact on the customer’s FDA approval process

These four advantages will ensure faster speed to market, allowing for greater value generation to mainstream pharmaceutical companies, vaccine developers and manufacturers of medical devices.


Lotus uses four steps to optimize the recombinant protein production process.

  • Identify: host cell proteins (HCPs) that bind resin during the initial capture
  • Prioritize: HCPs that have the biggest impact on column capacity and efficiency
  • Implement: Silence or reduce the expression high priority HCPs in the expression host
  • Optimize: Provide higher efficiency chromatography due to reduced protein profile

Now that the Lotus platform has been developed for E. coli production strains, BMB is currently seeking industrial partners to expand the Lotus platform into CHO and yeast, as well as other production hosts. 


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