Protein Purification Services

Boston Mountain Biotech offers protein purification services to clients who need larger volumes of purified protein than can typically be achieved with shake flasks. Our scientists can work with you to design a custom protein purification process that fits your individual needs, or we can follow an existing process. If host cell protein (HCP) contamination is a problem, your product might be a good candidate for the use of the Lotus platform.

Production of recombinant proteins is a 3 step process.

  1. Cell Line Development
  2. Protein Expression and Fermentation
  3. Protein Purification

We utilize a GE Healthcare AKTA protein purification system and can perform most affinity and non-affinity based purification processes. We can work with you to design both single- and multi-step purification process in addition to resin selection or resin changes. Many times researchers come to us having started using expensive affinity resins (ex. streptavidin, FLAG, etc) that are too expensive for the volumes needed during scale-up. We can work with you to design a chromatography process that utilizes more manufacturing friendly resins. In addition to the AKTA, BMB is outfitted with downstream equipment used to produce both intracellular and secreted proteins.

Protein Purification ServicesProtein purification column

  • Column/resin selection and purification scheme design
  • Custom purification and purification optimization – ATKA® and Millipore® platforms
  • Post processing – tag cleavage and refolding
  • Analytics, including mass spectroscopy, protein activity, ELISA, SDS-PAGE, GC, HPLC and Western blot analysis
  • HCP and endotoxin testing

We can also help with cell line selection and optimizing expression. We can help you choose and/or develop the best cell line for protein purification, or we can develop a custom cell line to reduce the host cell proteins (HCPs) that may prevent your research and development from moving forward. Let us take care of your needs by simplifying the transition from the lab bench to large-scale protein purification.

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