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Brewing Craft Beer

Starting or scaling-up a brewery puts you in one of the most exciting new industries across the nation. The creation of quality craft beer is a mixture of science and art. It requires a skilled ability to harness industrial scale equipment to produce a beer that tells your story. Let us help simplify the science of the brewing process so that your brewmaster can focus on the creating an artisanal product.

Our team has extensive experience in supporting brewers. Team leader Ricky Draehn has 20+ years of experience in the beer industry as a former brewmaster for Anheuser-Busch. Ricky has worked on projects with Widmer Brothers, Goose Island, Harbin Brewing Company, Tsingtao Brewery, as well as many craft brewers in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

We can support you with everything from selecting brewing equipment to helping you grow and maintain your yeast cultures.


Supporting your passion with brewing services

Yeast storage & typing

Have you found a yeast strain that is the critical ingredient in your award winning brew? Are you worried you might lose it? Let us store your yeast for you so you have a safe backup. If you are concerned that your current yeast isn’t the same as the yeast you stored with us, we can always perform tests to confirm the strain is the same. If it’s not, we can send you a fresh sample of the strain you have in storage!

Yeast propagation

This can be anything from “re-starting” yeast that has been stored cryogenic (frozen) or lyophilized (freeze-dried), or bringing live active culture up to a suitable volume for pitching into a yeast brink.

Fermentation troubleshooting

Not getting the desired alcohol content (ABV)? Is your fermentation process stopping too soon, or failing to start at all? Does the final product have undesired flavor components? These are all things we can help you address.

Identification and reduction of “off” flavor components are one of the most common problems. Unfortunately, these flavors are caused by many factors such as yeast selection, fermentation temperature, contamination/sterilization issues, etc. Fortunately, we can help. Narrowing it down to the particular source of the problem is the fastest and easiest way to get your brewing back on track.

Recipe design

Sometimes aligning your “dream beer” with a specific recipe can be hard. Let us help you tweak your current recipe, or build a new one from the bottom up.

Brewery Design

Don’t have a brewery yet? That’s ok! We can assist with brewing equipment selection and brewery layout design. Make sure you get your craft beer started off on the right foot. No one wants to have to deal with improper equipment and bad placement when they are trying to brew an excellent beer.

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Not using yeast for food purposes? Learn more about our fermentation services for recombinant protein production here.

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