Investor Information

lotus-diagramBoston Mountain Biotech is a contract research organization that designs the Lotus® platform technology for the optimized manufacture of protein therapeutics.

A typical customer develops therapeutics in a lab environment with un-optimized standard cell lines and then re-engineers their product using a trial an error process to create a purification scheme needed to make clean drugs ready for clinical trials.

By using Lotus, designers eliminate the trial and error by starting with production ready cell lines. BMB proprietary technology eliminates manufacturing contaminants which makes purification costly and inefficient.

As a proof of concept, the Lotus platform has been incorporated into an E. coli production strain. BMB is currently seeking industrial partners to expand the Lotus platform into CHO and yeast, as well as other production hosts.

How Lotus makes a difference:

  • Bring new drugs to market faster
  • Reduce manufacturing development costs by up to 50%
  • Stimulate market segment growth
  • Increase development of orphan drugs
  • Increase margin on biosimilar production
  • Lotus works with existing manufacturing equipment

A simple, non-technical explanation of our technology.


Funding Opportunity

Preferred stock is available for purchase, sold in $10k blocks.


  • Gain partners that are knowledgeable in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology markets
  • Expand market coverage into CHO, Saccharomyces and Pichia
  • Complete collaborative research agreements with strategic partners in the US and Europe
  • Creating Value – Sale or license of patent segments to major pharma companies and/or cell line developers