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Boston Mountain Biotech


At Boston Mountain Biotech, we don’t design new drugs, we help manufacture drugs more efficiently. The Lotus platform addresses the need of the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the cost of manufacturing protein pharmaceuticals. BMB has targeted the greatest area of process loss, inefficient downstream separations, which is 70% of all manufacturing costs through the development of the Lotus platform. The Lotus platform comprises genetically modified host cells that improve the efficiency of downstream chromatography via improving column capacity by at least 35%. This improvement increases the throughput of material through the chromatography unit, saving time, while decreasing resin and buffer usage, which reduces the highest operating and material costs in downstream purification. The Lotus platform is compatible with existing validated manufacturing equipment and processes, and improves drug purification efficiency without negatively affecting upstream expression efficiencies.


Research Services


Boston Mountain Biotech provides services from upstream cell line development to downstream protein purification.

It is our mission to support scientists by allowing them to focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest. Our facilities are equipped to handle both the small scale needs of academic and clinical researchers as well as the larger scale needs of research teams entering pre-IND development.

Lotus® Cell Line Optimization

The Lotus® platform links downstream contaminating host cell proteins (HCPs) to potential upstream cell line modifications, causing a boost in chromatographic efficiency. This allows manufacturers to shorten their development time while having a minimal impact on equipment and FDA approval.