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Boston Mountain Biotech is a contract research organization focused on moving technology from the lab to the commercial space quickly and cost effectively. Our team of experts excels at helping you obtain the research you need to succeed. 

We also develop and patent technology for a new protein expression and purification platform, the Lotus® technology allows manufacturers to reduce host cell protein (HCP) load in downstream processing through cell line modifications. This platform to reduce HCPs in bacterial cell lines simplifies the development and manufacturing of recombinant protein therapeutics, vaccines and enzymes. At BMB, we are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by providing protein purification solutions that result in new drugs moving from development to patient faster while simultaneously lowering the cost of manufacturing.


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Boston Mountain Biotech provides services from upstream cell line development to downstream protein purification and all the steps in between.

Many of our customers are brilliant research scientists in areas outside of bioprocessing. It is our goal to support their research by allowing them to focus on what they do best, and allow us to take care of the rest. Our facilities are equipped to handle both the small scale needs of academic and clinical researchers as well as the larger scale needs of research teams entering pre-IND development. Some of our services include biotechnology laboratory research, commercialization assessments and intellectual property strategy.

The Lotus® Platform

Lotus® Platform

At BMB, we use our Lotus® platform to link downstream contaminants to potential upstream cell line modifications.

The patented Lotus® platform technology begins by identifying the contaminating proteins that adsorb to the selected chromatographic resin. The proteins are identified using liquid chromatography followed by tandem mass spectroscopy (LC-MS/MS) which provides us with data on protein concentrations via the spectral counting method.

The data is then processed by our proprietary bioinformatics-based algorithm to analyze the HCPs and determine a rank order of contaminants that cause the biggest drop in purification efficiency. The Lotus® platform allows us to identify the minimal number of genetic modifications needed to drastically reduce waste production while maintaining viable cell growth and production.

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